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Product cooling-off  Period


In order to protect the rights of consumers, according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, all products have the right to a seven-day cooling-off period.


The seven-day cooling-off period is not a trial period!

The product must be in complete, unused and returnable condition to be returned. Returned goods must be in new condition and complete packaging (including the product  and all complete accessories, packaging materials, etc.).

Please contact customer service within seven days when returning the product and send the product within 48 hours. 

If the return cannot be completed due to the inability to contact us, or if the product is not sent back within the deadline due to its own factors, the return application will be automatically cancelled and cannot be reapplied.


Please use  wrapping paper/paper bags/cartons (please do not stick the return form directly on the product parts). Please add a separate packaging bag to avoid damaging the outer box or original packaging of the product.

Please note that used offers, coupons and cash will no longer be valid after the checkout process is completed and cannot be retrieved after the return request is established.

By confirming the return request, you are agreeing to our return policy and accepting our related follow-ups.


Return and exchange instructions



Only for returns, please reorder by yourself.


Returned  goods must be unopened and unused, or non-human defects caused by the stain, failure, and retain the complete original packaging (including the outer packaging carton), otherwise we do not accept returns.

Returns cannot be accepted if:

After the seven-day merchandise cooling-off period.


The goods have been unpacked and used, or artificial damage such as: stains, malfunctions, wear, abrasions, scratches, dirt, etc.

Slight creases in the outer packaging carton do not affect the quality of the product itself.

Returned goods package damage is incomplete, or the invoice, accessories are not complete.

Malicious or mass returns.

If you apply for a return due to personal factors, you will not be able to request another return if you order the same product again.



Contact Customer Service


LINE official account

The following questions will be replied more quickly.

Online Member Orders

Login to Member > Order > Check > Seller and Customer Order Newsletter


Please return the products within 48 hours, after that , the refund will be deducted.

All returns must be sent to a 7-11 supermarket, as the shipping code will expire after 7 days.

Please send your order within one day (24 hours), depending on the time of the 7-11 supermarket.

If you do not send your order within 48 hours, a refund of 15% will be deducted on a daily basis.

Calculation: 100% refund for the first day of shipment; 85% refund for the second day of shipment; 70% refund for the third day of shipment; 55% refund for the fourth day of shipment; 40% refund for the fifth day of shipment; 25% refund for the sixth day of shipment; 10% refund for the seventh day of shipment.



Problem Description


In order to save time for both parties, please use the format below to contact customer service and reply as soon as possible during business days.

If there is a defective issue, please attach a photo to explain, otherwise it will be considered as a damaged product after return without refund.

Name / Mobile Phone Number / Email

Return Instructions

Product name

Number of products




Refund Instructions


If there is any discrepancy with the reason of return (such as damage after sending back), no refund will be given; if you need to send back the returned goods, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.

Refunds will be made within five business days after the merchandise is confirmed to be undamaged, if no payment is received, please contact us.

The refund amount will be deducted from the returned merchandise and the order does not meet the free shipping threshold or discount for seasonal events.

•【For example

 the shipping fee will be deducted for returns that do not reach the free shipping threshold, and the inter-bank transfer fee of $15 will be deducted for non-China Trust accounts.

Assuming free shipping of $1,000 or more, an order amount of $1,100, and $200 for returned merchandise.

The actual purchase amount is $900, but it does not reach the free shipping threshold, then $60 will be deducted from the shipping fee, so the refund received is $140; for non-China Trust accounts, another $15 will be deducted from the transfer handling fee, so the refund amount is $125 ($200 - $60 - $15 = $125).

•【Example 2

Why is the shipping fee deducted for a full refund?

Suppose the order amount is $1100 and the returned item is $1100.

If you return the entire order, you do not have to pay any shipping fee for the returned item, the actual amount of the product is $0, but the shipping fee is $50 for the convenience bag / $60 for the postage, the refund amount is limited to the order amount only, the shipping fee paid at the time of the order will not be refunded (if the original order reaches the free shipping threshold, it will be deducted), it is the same as not having purchased the product, but the shipping fee we sent at that time must be borne by you.